ProfitCube for Insurance and Healthcare

Since 1997, ProfitCube™ has provided data warehousing & multidimensional data analytics for the insurance industry, and has expanded to the healthcare, wellness and mobile markets.  ProfitCube™ can be implemented on your database, data warehouse and business intelligence technology.
  • Improve Loss & Combined Ratios
  • Improve Pricing
  • Create Profitable Products
  • Improve Forecasting
  • Find Root Cause
  • Better Manage Provider Networks
  • Reduce Severity
  • Improve Forecasting
  • Better Manage TPAs
  • Better Understand Utilization
  • Find Root Cause
  • Enhanced Profitability Analysis
  • More Timely Reporting
  • Improve Forecasting
  • More Closely Monitor Business Partners
  • Improve Compliance & Reconciliation
  • Improve ROI on Marketing
  • Improve Understanding of Digital Marketing Results
  • Better Mobile Integration
  • Improve Forecasting
  • Increase Upselling & Cross Selling Opportunities
  • Find Root Cause

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